But love is blind and you soon will find that you’re just a boy again.

April 14, 2009

Continuing on with Ronnie Lane month here at “Ain’t Superstitious, But These Things I’ve Seen…” I thought it would be appropriate this week to take a look at some covers other artists have done of Ronnie songs, since we already dipped into some of the covers he took on in his lifetime (which are gone now, ah see — sticking to that 10-day rule. Gotta keep up!)

It’s my personal opinion that any artist worth their salt should be able to do a Ronnie cover, but the funny thing is that even as simple as his songs are, it’s impossible to better the original versions of Ronnie’s songs. His songs were just perfect in his hands, and while everyone should and will try them (like Beatles songs), they never will better them (like Beatles songs).

Nevertheless, here are a few cool tries.


They're just pointing out who the man is. That's all.

They're just pointing out who the man is. That's all.



Golden Smog – Glad and Sorry
You can all debate whether this was a supergroup or just a cool get together of some high profile names (at the time and now), including Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Soul Asylum’s Dan Murphy and the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris and Marc Perlman, but they made some pretty cool music together, and this was pulled from their debut album together, 1995’s Down by the Old Mainstream. It’s one of only two covers on the album, and while it rolls along at a relaxed pace and with nice guitar work, it’s still not a patch on the Faces’ version from 1973’s Ooh La La where Ronnie harmonized with Ronnie Wood and Ian McLagan laid down one of the finest simple piano lines ever committed to acetate. 

Idha – Ooh La La
Andy Bell’s ex-wife is getting some decent mileage on this blog all of the sudden, but not without good reason — she has a pretty good voice and obviously some exquisite taste in tunes. This is culled from her 1994 EP A Woman in a Man’s World, in which she does a lot of acoustic-led covers of male-penned songs. This is a fun song for anyone to play and/or sing, but considering she doesn’t change the lyrics, it gives the song a funny feeling in that, well, a woman’s singing it. Because, as my late friend Brian once said, the whole reason this song is so great is “because it’s just about how women f*ck with you your whole life.”  

Ocean Colour Scene – The Poacher
Arguably Britain’s most prominent Mod band in the late 1990s, the Birmingham quartet laid down an acoustic version of this solo Ronnie classic for the BBC, which can be now found on The BBC Sessions. Lead guitarist Steve Cradock got his first proper vocal debut on OCS’ last album, On the Leyline with the track “These Days I’m Tired” and also issued a beautifully understated record, The Kundalini Target, earlier this year, but this is pretty cool because he takes lead vocals here for what might be the first time in an Ocean Colour Scene song (I’m hard pressed to think of an earlier example at the moment). The band were also known to tear up Ronnie’s Small Faces classic “Song of a Baker” at several gigs in the 1990s.

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