What tomorrow knows.

April 23, 2009

OK I admit it. When I first saw this news story at NME, I was terrified. 

At first it was the fact that Pete Doherty’s band of sometime-shows could really be considered a replacement for the La’s (despite the fact that the only two constant La’s were Lee Mavers and John Power), and that Lee seemed willing to place a comeback on the shoulders of a guy equipped to turn around only one truly genius song per album. Admittedly however, that one gem is usually pure genius.

And I know they’ve hung out and all, but still… it seems a dangerous precedent to leave anything as coveted as a La’s — or even Lee Mavers — comeback in the shaky hands of Pete. 

Then I thought, “F*ck it.” If that’s the way Lee wants to do it, who am I to worry? He gives the world one truly genius album that everyone loves and he hates, apparently he’s sitting on a goldmine of unrecorded material, what a gift it would be to get proper versions of songs like “Was it Something I Said?” and “Human Race.”

Then I thought, no. Why even risk tarnishing it now? I mean, sure, the author of one of the finest pop/rock albums of all time doesn’t like the one gift he gave the world, despite the fact that virtually everyone who’s heard it adores it. Maybe it drove him insane, but isn’t that kind of the magical allure of rock and roll? Can everyone bring the train from back around the bend and pull off a SMiLE in the September of their years? Isn’t that the great thing about artists like Jeff Buckley, who only got the chance to do one album but left it perfect? 


I don’t know. Lee Mavers is unquestionably one of the greatest pop songwriters of all time and he’s given the world’s stereo systems nothing new since the La’s self-titled debut in the early 1990s. Part of me thinks the NME story is just overblown hype that will amount to nothing, as most Mavers-related buzzes since 1995 or so do. So there’s no need for me to overanalyze or worry.

But then I think of how effective the guy could just be on his own.

The La’s – Who Knows
A chillingly beautiful song that was originally a B-side on the first “There She Goes” single from 1988. There really are no words. If this song doesn’t touch you on some level, I fear for your soul.

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