I came across me.

April 27, 2009

Well Ronnie Lane month will be ending soon, and I’ll also be either very busy or completely out of town this week, so I don’t know how much blogging there will be.

Of course, I can always find an excuse to post some Ronnie-related music, but it always seems most appropriate during April. 

I believe I posted this song eons ago on the old version of the blog when we tore through Ronnie’s solo discography, but it just came up at random on my iTunes today, and I just had to post it again.

“Just For a Moment” was written in the early 1970s for a Meher Baba Foundation album (Ronnie was a Baba follower like his good buddy Pete Townshend), but his recording of the song with Ronnie Wood most famously made it on to the little known soundtrack of the little known film, “Mahoney’s Last Stand.”

Ronnie spent many of the last years of his life in Austin, Texas  (MS had already swiped his ability to walk, and play — let alone hold — a guitar), and made several local live appearances and performed on radio sessions for KUT, with a handpicked group of local musicians that included the likes of Alejandro Escovedo and future members of Poi Dog Pondering. 

He left Austin in the early 1990s on account of the heat, and relocated to Trinidad, Colorado where the thinner mountain air somewhat helped his deteriorating condition.

But a little while before he left Austin, he performed on a Christmas radio show for KUT, backed only by DJ Jody Denberg and guitarist Rich Brotherton to perform “Nowhere to Run” and “Just for a Moment.” They handle Wood’s signature-style guitar parts from the original quite handily.

The performance would prove to be Lane’s last time in from of the radio studio’s microphones, and with a whole career of heartbreakingly beautiful songs to his name, it’s almost unfathomably perfect that this ended up being the final bow. It’s enough to make you a little misty.

This cut, and several other live and radio cuts from his time in Texas can now be found on Live in Austin. Definitely worth picking up.

Ronnie Lane – Just for a Moment


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