‘Cos in the sun they say it’s fun — if you get some.

September 3, 2009

Ever since Friday, I’ve been getting a bunch of calls and e-mails about the Oasis split. It’s weird seeing that story pop up on news programs and pages like the Huffington Post. It makes me feel a bit like I’m back in the 1990s. Oasis are suddenly relevant again! A lot of people are leaving general comments on message boards about how they’ve just been treading water since 1996 or 1997, which I would obviously dispute, but if anyone thinks this is really permanent, I offer you this.

The split will not be permanent, and we will have another Oasis album before the already highly anticipated Noel Gallagher solo album.

Here’s why.


1.) Noel Gallagher is still incredibly prolific, but also incredibly lazy. Think about some of the titles that have been lost to the ages — “Slow,” “Daytura Dream Deferred,” “Stop the Clocks.” If you think you’ll hear a proper version of “If I Had a Gun” in the next two years, I’d say you better stop dreaming. Exactly what drive does he have right now to make a solo OR Oasis album? My feeling is little to none. He’s toured Dig Out Your Soul relatively non-stop for a year now, and I don’t care if he was best friends with Liam when the tour started — a year on the road with a sibling is going to drive you f*cking insane. The only reason this didn’t happen on the Don’t Believe the Truth tour was that one — management was clever enough to schedule several breaks in the tour (which resulted in two short jaunts through the US instead of one big one), and two — Twitter and blogging were still far beyond the Gallagher brothers. Anyone who didn’t see this fight brewing in each brother’s respective updates for the past four months was simply ignorant. Anyway, you can imagine he wants to be as far away from the slog of it all as possible, and so he’ll stay away for awhile. He’s rich and has kids. Studios and new tunes are one of the last things on his mind right now.

2.)  Liam Gallagher has Pretty Green to distract him for a few more months, but if you think this fashion designing thing is going to hold his attention for long, again, you’re mistaken. Of course it’s exciting for him now — it’s brand new and he’s got a few ideas to share. The biggest change I’ve seen thus far is that the parka has now gone from green to black. I get the feeling this is indicative of what kind of creative mind is behind this. The fact of the matter is that there are hats, shirts, scarves, jackets, pants and shoes to design. That’s it. Once he’s signed off on a couple of each, the novelty’s gonna wear off.

3.) Liam Gallagher’s fiercely competitive and whether it’s a matter of putting out a solo album or putting out an Oasis album without Noel, he’s got more of a drive to get material out. The most recent example of this is his bemoaning of the fact that the B-sides for Dig Out Your Soul singles were chiefly remixes instead of new songs. I have no doubt right now that Liam already has an album’s worth of material and he thinks it’s good enough to record (or rerecord) properly and put it out for mass consumption. Who knows, maybe on the Pretty Green record label that will likely be developed out of sheer boredom.

4.) Noel’s excuses for leaving included veiled references to band allegiance and support, but you’re a dolt if you think either Gem Archer or Andy Bell are stupid enough to take sides in a brotherly squabble. As good of a songwriter as Noel is, Gem and Andy are the most important musical cogs in the Oasis machine right now, and they’re going to keep a lookout for a paycheck — be it providing the musical accompaniment for Liam or Noel solo album.

5.) Noel eventually will get the pluck to start recording material (and my bet is it’ll be on encouragement from the hyperactive Paul Weller), but the thing about Noel is that even though he stockpiles songs, he also forces himself to write new ones once the recording process starts (this is why I think it will be semi-incredible if we ever do hear a proper version of “If I Had a Gun”) — so once he does start recording, he’ll impose pressure on himself to write new material.

6.) Having to write six songs is a lot more tempting than having to write 12 songs. Which is why all it will take is a helpful suggestion from Gem saying he’s got three or four of his own, and he knows Liam has a couple good ones to provide the onus for a new Oasis album. Studios are different beasts than concert stages. Oasis are big enough to work under their own deadlines — there’s no obligation for Liam and Noel to be together for hours every night. Oasis could conceivably record a new album without Noel and Liam even seeing each other.

7.) Noel and Liam are brothers and they fight. Anyone who thinks this is the end can recall the bust up in Barcelona in 2000. Liam ducking out of the American tour in 1996 before it began, only to rejoin it and have Noel cancel it. Can brothers go on and on without talking to each other ? Sure. It’s happened in my extended family.  But you know what? Noel and Liam simply can’t give up on each other. You know why? Because in every interview each of them has done and will ever do — the interviewer always wants to know how the relationship is. They each have massive egos and self-belief, but they also know they only got as far as they have because of each other. And if you think each of them ISN’T going to be reminded of that every time they go into public for the indefinite future, again, you’re just ignorant.

Of course, if Noel wants to go ahead and prove me wrong and put out a solo album in the next two years with “If I Had a Gun” on it, I’ll gladly shut the f*ck up.

Thing is, though, I tend to be write about this kind of thing.

Oasis – Bonehead’s Bank Holiday
(cos that’s all it is you know)


  1. You tend to be “write” about this kind of thing? Oh Paul.

  2. Very well-put. I’m still going to cross all my fingers and toes for a good recording of If I Had A Gun, though.

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