I’m a damn good excuse for a man.

November 5, 2009

I know I put 747s on one of my seasonal mixes (the one from last spring, if I can remember correctly… and I’m pretty sure I had their version of “Blue Christmas” on last year’s Christmas mix too… yeah), but have I afforded this one-shot band any other blog space? I can’t recall.


The downside of the 747s one-album career is that despite turning out one of the niftiest retro-rock albums of this decade with 2006’s Zampano,their biggest claim to fame is co-starring on an Arctic Monkeys’ B-side on an (admittedly) inspired version of “Baby I’m Yours.” Certainly there are worse fates out there, but for a band that knew how to write a tune on its own, well, it’s kind of a kick in the nads for the rear-view mirror.

I’m not sure I ever found out why 747s packed it in… maybe they got sick of journalistic cliches announcing they were ready for take off and corny such plays on their name, or maybe the songwriters in the band just decided they’d be better off on their own (which I’m not sure if I’d agree with since I haven’t heard a damn thing out of any of ’em).

And maybe it’s kind of cool that if they truly are no more, they left a small but durable little body of work in their wake. This past weekend I happened across a non-album single they did in 2006 called “Equilibrium.” Great stuff. Hell, this is the kind of stuff that WASN’T making the album? They shouldn’t have packed it in. We need a band solidly churning out this kind of stuff.

747s – Equilibrium

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