2009: 15 of the Best. #9…

December 8, 2009

# 9 – Peter Doherty – Last of the English Roses

From: Grace/Wastelands
Released: March 16, 2009
Label: EMI/Astralwerks
Buy it: Here.

I think I’ve stopped caring about Pete(r) Doherty’s demons. I used to hate them simply because they made him seem more important than he ever was. Even though I was never keeping count to begin with, I lost track a long, long time ago of his arrests, I’m totally unenthusiastic about whatever his next musical move may be and the fact that its mainly his doing that Lee Mavers is mulling a return to the spotlight only makes me think that Lee Mavers will do nothing more than mull a return to the spotlight. To my mind, Doherty may very well be the most overrated artist of the decade. There are some Libertines songs I like very much, although I never understood their worshippers. There are a couple Babyshambles tracks worth a listen, but I’ve never enthusiastically played them for anyone as I excitedly asked, “Have you heard this?!” I think a lot of people want to lap up his work now because they’re very aware each day could be his last. But we were saying that five years ago, weren’t we? So now the whole schtick has veered from sad into annoying. More annoying still is that despite my criticisms, he turns in one track on every one of his albums that makes me go, “Oh, well… sh*t. That’s really good.” And so it is with “Last of the English Roses” this time around — a reverent rainy day British tune beautifully accentuated by the likes of Stephen Street and Graham Coxon with a terribly poetic little lyric that most non-heroin addicted writers would break their back to pen. He does this to annoy me. It would be so much easier to dismiss him were all the music just total crap, but no. He’s got to make the list — the top 10, even!

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