2009: 15 of the Best. #4…

December 15, 2009

#4 – Franz Ferdinand – Twilight Omens

From: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Released: January 26, 2009
Label: Domino
Buy it: Here.

I read all the reviews for Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, and apparently the album marked a bold new direction for the band, but if that’s the case, it was entirely lost on me. Bold and surefooted, absolutely, but I didn’t see much difference in this year’s model from their previous two efforts (and I’m sick of people writing off You Could Have it So Much Better these days — while it’s not their finest album, it’s also a lot better than most bands’ finest). The fact of the matter is that Tonight is bolstered by songs that make everyone want to groove — seriously, next time you get the chance, take in a Franz concert and look at the myriad of people in the audience. Both “Ulysses” and “No You Girls” were excellent singles and reaffirmation that the band hadn’t lost it’s spark, but it’s the oft-looked over “Twilight Omens” that provides the album’s finest moment. Besides the Herculean task of making multiple cruddy synths sound quite wonderful, Alex Kapranos still manages to go down lyrical roads than several before him have, and makes them his own. How many songs are out there about listening to the radio and thinking about an ex? I’m sure you can rattle off four to eight right away. But how many of them contain a lyric like “I typed your number into my calculator where it spelled a dirty word when you turned it upside down, you can turn my dirty world the right way round”? None. Eternal kudos for that and the fact that people get the same giggle I did in junior high after punching 58,008 into a calculator.


  1. I totally agree, although I my particular favourite track at the moment is “Live Alone”. Both “Tonight” and “You Could Have It So Much Better” are unfairly underrated albums lyrically and musically. Perhaps it’s because their songs are so catchy that people tend to dismiss them as inconsequential “pop”, but, as far as I’m concerned, few others can chronicle the tensions in relationships, or cast such a wittily observant eye over the social scene, as in “The Fallen”, for example, as Franz.

  2. I hear ya. Every time I read a review that slates “You Could Have It So Much Better,” the first thing I think is, “But… ‘The Fallen’ is on that album!”

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