Everybody knows I’ve been wasting my time.

January 5, 2010

You know what’s strange? I took a week and a half-long vacation that started the evening before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve Eve, if you will), with my heart set on relaxing, doing some writing for non-jobalistic reasons and getting to a bunch of things that had escaped me throughout November and December because of the crazy pre-holiday rush. Not a lot got done.

And keeping tabs on this blog was one of the things that got lost in the shuffle. It’s not that I don’t mind the break from work and the time with family and old friends, but blimey if the days don’t seem just as filled as they do when you’re not “working.”

So a minorly-belated Happy New Year to all you dear readers, and here’s a promise that posting and those much beloved monthly series will resume. And yeah, there’s still a lot of winter to slog through yet, so the 2010 winter mix is not far behind.

For now, I apologize my absence and simultaneously request your forgiveness by way of song.

The Dave Clark Five – Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
If you’re an average DC5 fan, that is, you don’t change the station when “Glad All Over” or “Catch Us if You Can” comes on the radio, you’ll probably really dig this track and might even look a little deeper into the band. If you’re a true blue DC5 fan, you probably already know this song intimately and are prepared to argue it’s merits as possibly the very best thing in the band’s catalogue. On the surface, it’s a strange choice to secure that title — surely “Because” is prettier and “Glad All Over” and “Bits and Pieces” are miles more fun. Hell, this song doesn’t even scratch the 2-minute mark and was tucked inconspicuously away on the generally unremarkable Coast to Coast album. But… jeez, listen to it. I don’t know if it’s the jabs from the organ, the tight harmonies or the way Mike Smith’s vocal dominates the verses, but this song just demands you listen over and over and over again. Moreso than the song that actually uses that lyric, in fact.

One comment

  1. A true Mersey Beat masterpiece, and a favorite of me and my sister when we were growing up during the British Invasion. A short time after the Beatles did A Hard Day’s Night and Help, The Dave Clark Five did Catch Us If You Can, which is a better, more thoughtful movie, and I enjoyed the Beatles movies.

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