2010: 15 of the Best. #15 . . .

November 29, 2010

Well, with the Thanksgiving weekend behind us and the year’s end closing in fast, this blog will continue its annual tradition of looking back on the scores of music unleashed for public consumption during the year and select the 15 best tracks that hit the market. Maybe you have ’em, maybe you don’t. Maybe you disagree with their placement on the list, maybe you argue they should’ve been placed higher than they ultimately were. That’s what year-end lists are for, right? As always — this is not a summation of the best albums of the year. Sometimes artists release pretty crap albums but have a song or two on there that deserve consideration despite the faults of their peers. Since I’m a fan of a great song anyway, I figure this is the best kind of list you can compile.

Also as always — download each of these tracks and create a playlist/mix CD that starts with #15 and ends with #1. It always proves to be a lovely set, and this year is no exception.

Let’s get started, eh?

#15: Rogue Wave – Permalight

From: Permalight
Released: March 2, 2010
Label: Brushfire
Buy it: Here.

I first became aware of Rogue Wave in 2006 when I saw them open for the Stills in Madison. I wasn’t overly impressed with their set, but they had a tune called “Lake Michigan” that absolutely knocked me out. I went out and got the Asleep at Heaven’s Gate LP and found out that was the only track on the album that really held my attention. Ditto “Permalight” from this year’s album of the same name. They’re a decent enough band, they just don’t write songs that consistently grab me or can sustain my interest. Still, “Lake Michigan” was one of the best tracks of 2006 and this cut is one of the best of 2010. It’s a bit more 1980s feeling than their previous work, due in no small part to embracing synthesizers and strongly effected vocals, but good lord, man, listen to that chorus! It’s arguably the catchiest chorus of the year and if it doesn’t make you want to stand up and boogie a bit, well … you might want to get yourself checked out, friend. This is just a great slice of pop fun. I anxiously await the lone knockout track from their next album.

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