2010: 15 of the Best. #13 . . .

December 1, 2010

#13: The Apples in Stereo – Nobody But You

From: Travellers in Space and Time
Released: April 20, 2010
Label: Yep Roc
Buy it: Here.

For anyone wondering what ELO might’ve sounded like more than 30 years after their heyday and had Jeff Lynne had a prepubescent voice, the Apples in Stereo kindly gave you an insight into what might’ve been with “Nobody But You.” The track is the most arresting moment on this year’s Travellers in Space and Time. I’ve heard about the band for a few years now, but this album was the first for which I actually sat myself down and decided to listen to properly, and straightaway I loved this track for the almost comedically overt ELO pinching. Go on, tell me this doesn’t sound like something straight off Eldorado. Frontman Robert Schneider has even taken to wearing oversized shades and a beard, although he might want to think about Rogaine and a bit of Afrosheen if he wants to really get the good Jeff Lynne look going. Lyrically the song is almost infuriatingly simple, but the impassioned lead vocal, the carefully assembled backing parts and the lovely falsettos that bring the whole affair home at the end are more than enough to forgive a lack of lyrical prowess. Sometimes it’s just about feeling and energy and this cut has the same energy that “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Showdown” and “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” all boasted. Put ’em all in the hopper and this appears to be the product. I dig it.

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