2010: 15 of the Best. #12 . . .

December 2, 2010

#12: Hollus – Weather With You

From: Part One (EP)
Released: November 2, 2010
Label: Hollus
Buy it: Here.

Far be it from me to knock the styles Hollus dabbled in on their way to Part One (that would include 1970s hard rock-isms and Southern blues aping that yielded some stellar tunes — listen up for “Miss Daisy” or “Fever Song” at their gigs if you’re not up for scrounging up their Joker and the Queen LP), but the progression to a more melodic, jangly 1960s-focused brand of music fits the Chicago four-piece like a perfect pinstriped suit. The EP constitutes the first half of a self-titled album (the second half/entire LP should see proper release in the first half of 2011), and there’s not a single misstep among the first six songs offered thus far. But if pressed to pick the standout track, I’d point to “Weather With You,” which not only carries its own heartbeat and manages to make sunshine audible (let me also say it sounds remarkable when barreling down the highway at about 72 mph), but expands the group’s ranks to include Company of Theives’ members Marc Walloch and Mike Maimone, who blankets the tune with a soaring organ part. I’ve not personally pressed Jamison Acker on the lyrics — seems to me to be a meditation on how a relationship ebbs and flows throughout the course of a year, but the chorus’ simple “Come on, closer please” is a sentiment that anyone can latch onto. Chicagoans should be proud to call this band their own, but people around the rest of the country (and world) would do well to pay a bit of attention.

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