2010: 15 of the Best. #5 . . .

December 13, 2010

#5: Ocean Colour Scene – Magic Carpet Days

From: Saturday
Released: February 1, 2010
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Buy it: Here.

I’ve long since admitted to myself that the days of thoroughly consistent albums such as Moseley Shoals, Marchin’ Already and One From the Modern are behind Ocean Colour Scene now. They’ve aged. We’ve aged. We go forward in time peacefully and while they still release albums (that make as little of a splash stateside as ever), they just don’t pack the same punch they did in the late 1990s. But to discount them entirely is the idea of a fool, because even as the band expands and the Mod hairdos thin out a little, every once in awhile, they put out a stomper that reminds you what made you love them in the first place. And so it is with “Magic Carpet Days,” the runaway favorite from this year’s Saturday and easily one of the best songs in their 21-year history. The simple 4/4 beat guarantees a bit of movement on the part of the listener, but Simon’s lyrics are quite affecting in their simplicity. “I can’t back off and be quiet, but I’ll never leave you standing in the rain …” Frankly, I think this would’ve worked a hell of a lot better in “Aladdin” than “A Whole New World.” And now that you think about it, you probably do too. Gotta love seeing bands I adored a decade ago still hitting it out of the park every so often.

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