2011: 15 of the Best. #14…

November 29, 2011

14. The Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing – Stormy Weather

From: Stormy Weather
Released: September 18, 2011
Label: The Viper Label
Buy it: Here.

I get wary when a song pushes past the 4-minute mark, so for this song to go twice as long and me to actually include it in a “Best of” list must mean that it’s something pretty special. I’ve been a fan of Liverpool’s own Edgar Jones for a few years now—particularly of his work with the Joneses, an R&B outfit with whom he collaborated for a couple albums that sounded as if they were straight out of 1950s jazz clubs. Jones parted ways with the Joneses round about 2008 and in 2009 formed Free Peace (“three piece,” geddit?), which went for a more hard rock sound that was not too far removed from Jones’ first band, the Stairs. Free Peace’s biggest gigs came from a support slot on what proved to be Oasis’ final UK tour, but while reports of an album percolated for 2 years, nothing showed and Jones apparently split up the band last year. So Stormy Weather (which Viper put out this year under a much more Edgar-centric moniker) is a requiem as much as a debut and while it’s not as even as some of Jones’ other projects, it has a few moments of crazy glory. This song is the best of the bunch, veering between genres every few minutes for a completely new direction. Despite pushing past 8 minutes, it never gets boring or redundant and Jones’ voice is always a pleasure to hear over solid musicianship.

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