2011: 15 of the Best. #8…

December 7, 2011

08. Miles Kane – My Fantasy

From: Colour of the Trap
Released: May 6, 2011
Label: Columbia
Buy it: Here.

Miles (or, as you may vaguely know him: the other one out of that Last Shadow Puppets thing with the Arctic Monkeys guy) deserves the acclaim he’s getting for this one. I’m not going to lie, I preferred the Alex Turner-led numbers on the Last Shadow Puppets’ LP and although I tried to listen to some of Kane’s work with the Rascals, there was not one song that caught me. So when news started coming for that Mr. Kane was working on a solo record, well, it didn’t really tickle me as any great shakes. When word came forth that some tracks would feature Gruff Rhys, another would feature Noel Gallagher and another still Alex Turner, that got me a little more interested, but despite some of my friends’ early cheerleading for singles like “Come Closer,” I didn’t feel it. Then I heard “My Fantasy.” Maybe I was a bit Noel-starved, having heard nothing new from his mouth since the time of Oasis’ 2009 demise, but to be completely honest, the first version of this song was on a YouTube video of Miles performing it alone on an acoustic in a backstage area somewhere. What struck me was just the simple beauty of the song … something that Lennon or McCartney would’ve been proud to call their own circa 1965. Sure, hearing Noel’s top harmony on the final version was nice and all, but that was just dressing by that point. This song had won me over and made me check out the rest of Colour of the Trap. It’s quite good, actually. Much better than I expected and I do reverently doff my cap. Still, though—the three aforementioned collaborators each take a higher spot on this rundown, so you’ve still got some work to do, la!

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