2011: 15 of the Best. #6…

December 9, 2011

06. Wilco – I Might

From: The Whole Love
Released: September 27, 2011
Label: dBpm/ANTI
Buy it: Here.

I was ruminating on it recently and if I may be completely honest, I believe that spending 5 years in Madison, Wisconsin and not calling myself a Wilco fan made me as much (if not more) of an outcast than being a Marquette graduate, a Cubs fan and a Bears fan in that city. Wilco owns Madison, and you’d think that coming from Chicago myself, I’d have been a little more reverent throughout the years, but even when Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was dominating the college charts when I was in Milwaukee, something about the obsessive fandom made me not trust them. I never doubted they had good songs (I’ve been a fan of “Can’t Stand It” and, to a lesser extent, Summerteeth since 1999), my sister likes them, my oldest friend adores them, my former boss revered them and it all seemed to be a bit much for me. Maybe I was just a prick who wanted to reserve that kind of devotion for the Kinks, but alas, Tweedy & Co. caught me this year. I heard a quick segment about the album on NPR (man, it sounds a tad pretentions when you type it, too) back in September, and what grabbed me was this song’s organ part. I bought the album and it hasn’t left my car since. It’s a warm, lovely hug of a record and even with a threat to set children on fire in this song, you can’t help but bust out your best go-go dance moves when that organ kicks in. There are quite a few special songs on the album, but they don’t build enough singles like this anymore. When these kinds of songs come around, they need to be celebrated. Plus now all my friends get to say, “About f*ckin’ time” to me.

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