2012: 15 of the Best. #12 …

December 6, 2012

12. Lyle Lovett – One Way Gal

From: Release Me
Released: February 28, 2012
Label: Curb/Lost Highway
Buy it: Here

Because Lyle’s such a good songwriter, the idea of him doing a covers album feels a little like a con on his fans. I get the point of it—Release Me is his farewell letter to Curb, the record label that’s housed him since he started and the idea here is to tap into influences from throughout his career. Moreover, the 1998 covers (double) album Step Inside This House was pretty damn good and included “Bears.” But if I’m going to be a whiny fan boy here, I want more “I’ve Been To Memphis,” “Her First Mistake” and “No Big Deal.” OK, Release Me does include two originals, one of which lands on this year’s Christmas mix, but here’s hoping that whatever label gets him next gets another great set of Lyle’s dry wit. Also you can’t fault him for his song selection here—“One Way Gal” is an old William Moore tune that dates back to 1928 and really, when you hear Lyle do it, it doesn’t sound too far detached from anything he would’ve composed himself 84 years later.

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