2012: 15 of the Best. #4 …

December 18, 2012

4. Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice

From: A Thing Called Divine Fits
Released: August 28, 2012
Label: Merge
Buy it: Here

I can’t consider Divine Fits a supergroup because I know little of Dan Boeckner’s Wolf Parade and even less about Sam Brown’s New Bomb Turks, so my main draw to this is being a Spoon fan and what Britt Daniel brings to the table. The good news about A Thing Called Divine Fits is that this cut and “Like Ice Cream” alone atone for the ramshackle affair that was Transference and left me a bit disappointed knowing that Spoon had done something to leave me so flat. Maybe a little changeup was necessary to freshen things up, and hopefully Spoon’s next one will be another barn burner, but if this is what’s there to hold me over ‘til then, I’m satisfied. “Would That Not Be Nice” sounds great every single time you put it on, with a bassline and groove that’s as good as Spoon’s  best (“Don’t You Evah,” “I Turn My Camera On,” “Take the Fifth”) and Britt’s excited yelping is as vague as ever ( … why Minneapolis?), but specificity has never been what’s so attractive about his songwriting. It’s more the way he sings it and the sound that surrounds it that makes it exciting. Which this undoubtedly is.

Official video:

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