2012: 15 of the Best. #2 …

December 20, 2012

2. Edgar Summertyme – I Would Do Anything

From: Sense of Harmony
Released: August 16, 2012
Label: Viper
Buy it: Here

Edgar’s been a lot of things throughout his career. Decent Mick Jagger imitator, bassist extraordinaire for hire, surprisingly good black blues singer from the 1950s, long-haired heavy rocker and cosmic scouser to name a few. One thing he hasn’t really ever been is an upfront, plaintive balladeer. Maybe the penchant for putting on different guises (and being able to pull most of them off) kept him from writing a simple, direct love song or maybe his own battle with health problems recently put things into perspective, but there’s no question that “I Would Do Anything” is easily among the finest things he’s ever done and one of the greatest love songs of our (or any) time. Edgar was kind enough to chat with me a few months ago and talk about the inspiration behind this album (a steady diet of back-to-basics, good songwriting—the likes of the Beatles, John Sebastian and old Brill Building songwriters). Sense of Harmony, stylistically, is as mixed of a bag as most of his fine albums are. But songs-wise, you find yourself wanting to go back and listen again and again. And this song more than any makes you feel like that. It’s as much a first dance at a wedding as it is a tear-jerking song for a funeral. It’s as deeply steeped in vintage soul as it is Paul McCartney’s best qualities. Basically it’s the kind of thing to make you scratch your head for a couple hours as you wonder why the F*CK Coldplay are so popular.

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