2012: 15 of the Best. #1 …

December 21, 2012

1. Dexys – You

From: One Day I’m Going To Soar
Released: June 4, 2012
Label: BMG
Buy it: Here

Apparently with age, Dexys realized they’re too old to be Midnight Runners and are satisfied being just the drugs themselves. It’s appropriate enough—One Day I’m Going To Soar is probably the best reunion album of the year and the antidote to all the other sh*t you took in this year. The fact that it stands up perfectly fine alongside their way-too-good three albums from the 1980s (they were so much more than “Come On, Eileen,” y’know) is great, but by this point, you probably knew that Kevin Rowland wasn’t going to settle for less. He’s had this song in the bank since at least 1993 (when he performed it under the title “If I Ever” on Jonathan Ross’ “Morning Zoo” show), so reason would argue that he was waiting for the right set of songs to frame it for public consumption. One Day I’m Going To Soar is full of truly great tunes, but none of them hit me as directly and instantly as “You.” It’s not as immense as “This is What She’s Like,” it’ll never be as ubiquitous as “Come On, Eileen” and it’s not as quirky as “Geno.” Still, it’s as soulful (and good) as any of them. The production is perfect: the drums put you right in the room with them, the strings swell and carry you along on the ride and Kevin’s lyrics and melody are just as fantastic as you’d hope they’d be. If you’re not thinking “Oh yeah …” right after that short piano intro, you might want to consult your doctor. The world didn’t end today because even the Mayans wanted to stick around to hear this again. Or so I’m told.

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  1. Please do a 2013 15 of the Best!

    Where are you?

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